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  • About the Data Science PRINT CAPES Project
    CAPES is a science support agency from Brazilian Federal Government. CAPES has selected some universities in Brazil to be part of a Program called PRINT, that aims to foster Institutional Internationalization. ITA was one of the few selected university for this program.
    By Institutional Internationalization, we mean more than just cooperation with institutions in other countries, but cooperation that may contribute to generate relevant knowledge, thereby raising the quality level of internal activities and creating an impact on [Brazilian] society
    The Data Science PRINT CAPES Project is part of the PRINT program. The Data science project aims to foster collaboration between ITA and remarkable International Universities in the Data science field.
    Data Science is an interdisciplinary area, which involves data analysis, knowledge discovery, machine learning and autonomos decision-making. It also deals with large theoretical challenges related to computational vision, planning and optimization. It is directly applicable in robotics, in terms of the perception by machine, the fusion of sensorial data and the networks of sensors Data science may allow data-backed decision making and contribute to Explainable Artificial Intelligence, i.e. the models and results that can be understood by human, in contrast with the common black box models in ML.
    Within this context, The Data science PRINT project is pursuing research collaboration opportunities. In 2019, we received at ITA the visit of Professor Daniel Aloise, from Polytechnique Montreal (Canada). We visited three international universities in 2019: King's College London, City, University of London and University of Essex.
    Due the coronova virus pandemic, almost all activities were postponed. However, we are now resuming the project observing all WHO recommendations. We received the visit of Professor Maria Fasli, from University of Essex (United Kingdom) at ITA on November 22.Prof. Fasli will deliver a keynote speaker presentation at the Workshop of Data Science at ITA. You may find the WDS ITA 2021 Program below.

    Workshop of Data Science at ITA 2021


    About ITA

    ITA is a federal government institution dedicated to provide high level education and research in Science and Technology specially in areas of interest to the aerospace sector
    Created in 1950, with intense International cooperation and many foreing professors, especially with MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), In fact, The first rector was a former MIT professor of Aeronautics

    ITA Campus
    ITA Campus
    ITA offers regular undergraduate courses in engineering, and graduate programs leading to the degrees of Master and Doctor
    Nowadays, ITA has about 650 hundred undergraduate students and 1500 graduate students
    Since 1950, ITA has graduated more than 6000 engineers and about 3000 Masters and Phds
    ITA has a highly competitive selection program. Every year, we select 130 new engineering students from more than 12.000 candidates from all over Brazil (2016 : 12.493 candidates, 2018: about 14.000)

    Undergraduate courses

    Undergraduate courses


    For more information about the Data Science PRINT ITA CAPES project, please contact the project Manager.